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We live where we work. The tropical Gulf coastline of Florida, USA. Our white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters inspire us to use the bounties of nature and the sea in our products, bringing us back to basics. Everything we do at Coastal Soap Co. is rooted in being truly, all natural. We use only natural preservatives and ethically sourced ingredients. By eliminating artificial additives from our soaps and products, we are increasing the real benefits of quality essential oils, carrier oils and natural botanical ingredients.

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Candles, Soaps, and More

Intention, deliberation and creativity are what drive us at Coastal Soap Co. From the recipe and design of our products to the tiniest details of our handwritten labels and the specifics of our ingredient sources, we care about what we do. We make sure our products contain only the finest combinations of natural botanical and essential oils; eliminating the harsh additives and chemicals you find in many beauty products today. We work in small batches, ensuring that every detail is overseen. 

Our Candles

We have over a dozen varieties of candles available for purchase. All of our candles are made of soy wax with natural ingredients to give each candle a distinct personality. Each candle comes with its own container and personalized package. It’s a perfect gift to treat yourself with!

Our Soaps

We have handmade more than a dozen varieties of soaps that you can purchase online today! We use natural, non-toxic ingredients to give each batch of soap an original yet tantalizing aroma. Treat your skin and your olfactory senses with our quality bars of soap or gift it to someone you want to spoil. 

Bath & Body

We also have handmade several varieties of bath & body products for you! We use natural, non-toxic ingredients to give each product an original yet tantalizing aroma. Treat your skin and your olfactory senses with our quality bath & body line of products!. 

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We work in small batches to ensure the stability of our products. We custom create blends to suit all different needs from sensitive skin to a deep, scrubby clean and our blended fragrances are sure to please. As we make our soap the “old fashioned” way, certain orders may take a little extra time to create and we sincerely appreciate your patience, we are positive you’ll be happy with the outcome.

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“I have been using Coastal Soaps products for quite some time now. The products are fantastic and customer service is great. I would highly recommend to anyone who wishes to buy any of their products.”

“Their dedication to creating each unique product is totally worth the purchase. Their locally sourced, all-natural ingredients are the reason my cabinet is full of their stuff.”

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